Bed Bugs are Now Infesting the Happiest Place on Earth: Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

bed bugs at disneyIt’s not just Disney’s patrons that are soaking up the beach life in Florida. At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort one unlucky couple happened upon an active bedbug infestation already in progress when they awoke one night to a room literally crawling in cimex lectularius.

The couple has gone on to sue Disney for anywhere from $100,000 to $1 Million USD for finding bed bugs in their rooms at the Disney hotel and resort, claiming extreme psychological damage and inability to sleep after the event, as well as time off and lost pay from work. Seems a bit extreme to me, but this is a litigious society is it not?

Disney isn’t the only one with bed bugs in their rooms

Just a few states away in South Carolina children from an elementary school have been bringing home bed bugs in addition to homework. Many parents in Gilbert, SC complained that the school only notified students in the affected classrooms where bed bugs were present. Many children’s parents were told to put the student’s bookbag in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes to kill any potential bed bug stragglers coming home after school.

Parents whose children’s beds have been affected now at home are encouraged to use a natural bed bug killer that destroys both the bed bugs and their eggs, and can remain in place a long time without being negatively affected. Indeed, learning how to get rid of bed bugs yourself is going to be a useful skill set in the coming decades, considering the last 10 years in the modern world has seen an incredible resurgence in the nasty little biting bugs.

Tennessee elementary school kids get bed bugs on camping trip

A bed bug sniffing dog discovered multiple bed bugs in 5th graders’ bags after they returned from a camping trip, potentially affecting up to 30 students. Students discovered a bed bug crawling on some of the dorm rooms initially when they had arrived at the campsite. Because bed bugs can last a year without a meal, a campsite with dormitories makes for an ideal place to lay in wait for a meal.

Florida State University English Dept. sees more bed bug enrollment

It would seem that bed bugs are showing up to class and sticking around in the English department at FSU. What was thought from the onset to be termites turned into a realization of the presence of bed bugs in English classrooms at the Florida University after many students complained about being covered in bed bug bites.

Florida State University has a history of bedbugs infestations

Here’s video from just a year ago describing the bed bug problem at Florida State University: