Dog Sitting and Dog Walking Horror Stories

brooklyn dog missing for 10 days found after Wag! dog walker loses dog on walkA Brooklyn dog went missing for 10 days when a dog walker from Wag! lost the Labrador mix on one of their standard daily walks.

The dog sitter blamed the missing dog on a faulty leash and collar, to which the owner responded the equipment was new. To be honest, dog walkers losing a dog is not all that uncommon a thing. This is why it’s so important to only walk a small number of dogs so you don’t have to run a dog down 19 city blocks before you catch it, if you catch it.

Wag! sent out drones to search for the dog and the dog owner hired a dog trapper to find her beloved furry friend. The dog was eventually found by the dog trapper, lured out of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens vegetation with the smell of hot dogs and liquid smoke.

The dog had scuffed up paws and a tick, but was otherwise fine after being lost for a whopping 11 days.

A dog sitter in New Jersey is getting sued for multiple instances of negligence with her dog sitting business, which resulted in a dog running away and another dog losing its eye in a vicious attack. In the case of the missing dog, the dog owner said the dog sitter waited an entire day before reaching out to notify the owner that the dog had run away.

In the other case, the vicious attack resulting in a Maltese mix losing an eye could have been prevented had the dog sitter merely made sure the dogs were separated during feeding time, and then keeping food out of common areas. All this basic information is covered on this useful site for dog sitters and dog walkers.

People starting their own home based dog business really should not go into the scenario half cocked and unprepared. From getting insurance to ensuring you can get a steady flow of loyal customers (and a good mix of well-tempered friendly dogs that don’t want to kill each other), pet sitters doing their due diligence will be rewarded ultimately.

More Dog Sitting and Dog Walking Horror Stories

My own dog sitting horror story involved the professional dog sitting company dumping my dog off at the animal shelter for him to be euthanized or given away while I was on the other side of the planet in Asia. They did not like some comments I made in an email when they told me they had been underfeeding my dog during my first vacation (and a working vacation at that) in over 10 years.

What it Looks Like When Your Dog Comes Back After Being Missing